The best screens on the market are in your hands now!

common questions

Why are HAB screens the best?
 Excellent Japanese and Korean parts from Samsung and Toshiba
 All screens are intended for the agency's vouchers without cutting or wounds and does not affect the warranty 
 Plug wires are agency without tuning 
 The touch speed is faster than the mobile response 
 Withstands hot sunlight
● Clear viewing of the screen from all angles and during the day
 Two years guarantee 
 Full HD 1080, 4K screen resolution 

  What do smart Hab displays?
! A lot
Full touch screen, entertainment leadership atmosphere, Google services, operating the Android system, troubleshooting the car,

Navigation systems and maps, link the phone to the screen, support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, support channels for viewing, display

Google car speedometer, temperature display, answering phone calls, Google play store

Full HD 1080, 4K HD Screen, Play

Touch speed and performance, change the screen background and lighting to match the car's decor, support cameras

Recording, back and front camera support and 360 degree support, Android applications such as YouTube

Supports Camera, OBD, Uber, Careem, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and many more, supports vehicle inspection and maintenance

Skype and Snapchat, the ability to control the switching off and on of your home appliances, control the interior lights of your vehicle.

All screens offer the same services!

Hab car screen content

Why are Hab companies not available in the market ?
To protect the consumer from commercial fraud, there are no products for us on the market. Our products are the best in the market and they are sold

Only in our main branch in Jeddah, or on our website, or by communicating with us on our accounts

Official website in Instagram, Haraj, WhatsApp and Telegram.

the purchase

 ● How can I purchase a screen from Hab  ?
Simply, by means of the site that provides high protection for customers and preserves their privacy.

At the beginning, choose the type of your car, then choose from the store the appropriate screen with the package you want, and add it to the basket.

Fill in the shipping information and pay in the way that suits you, and receive your shipment via SMSA Express.

 ● What are the available payment methods ?
The electronic payment provided by the Hap Company website, and it appears after adding the product to the shopping cart and then entering it

 Data such as shipping address. Shopping on Hab is 100% safe.

Transfer to our account at the bank
(Bank account numbers)

  ● Can I buy from HAB via mobile ?
Yes! We designed the Hub site to work on mobile devices and iPads with high accuracy, and it is identical with the site

The main desktop copy. You can browse the site and purchase easily and safely.

   ● Is shopping on HAB safe and secure ?
Of course, shopping on Hub is 100% safe, all personal information you provide on Hub is confidential.

It is very and private, and no one has the right to read it. You can read the privacy policy on this page

Hab car screen content


  Can I get installation service ?
If you are in the city of Jeddah, Hab offers you the service of installing the screen on your car at a nominal price by a senior technician

Hab Automotive Technology. But if you are outside Jeddah, you can install the screen without cutting or modification in the Car wires and wires

 Can I return the screen ?
Yes. We are keen to serve our customers and satisfy them. Please read the return and exchange policy included in this page.