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Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery Policy:

1-What is the cost of shipping outside Saudi Arabia?

The shipping cost varies according to the size and weight of the order, and the destination country.

2-What shipping companies does Hap use within Saudi Arabia?

Hap uses SMSA company.

3-What are the delivery fees within Saudi Arabia?

28 SAR.

4-Can the customer track their order after it is shipped?

Yes, the customer can track their order through the official website of SMSA.

5-How do I get my tracking number?

It is available in the purchase invoice details that are sent to you via text message.

6-How long does it take for the order to arrive at the specified address within Saudi Arabia?

The delivery time depends on the location of the specified address and the responsiveness of the shipping company. It can take from two to seven business days, excluding Friday.

7-What happens if the shipment is not received within the specified time?

If the shipment is not received within the specified time, the parcel is returned to the warehouse, and the customer should contact customer service to arrange the procedures for re-shipping.

8-Can the customer specify a delivery date?

The customer cannot specify a delivery date directly, but they can contact the shipping company used to specify the preferred delivery date.

9-Can the customer receive the order from the Hap site directly instead of delivery to the specified address?

Yes, the customer can receive the order from the designated Hap self-delivery site.

10-Are products shipped on the same day?

Products are shipped 24 hours after the actual customer order, excluding Friday, after ensuring that the order is placed in a timely manner and the product is available in the warehouse. The customer is notified via text message, email, or phone call if there is any issue that requires immediate notification.

11-Are payment options available upon receipt?

No, the secure payment process must first be completed through the online store to issue the shipping policy.

12-Can the delivery address be changed after placing an order?

The delivery address cannot be changed after placing the order. The customer should make sure to provide the correct address at the time of the order.