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Jeeny package

  • 360ريال

Jenny Panther package makes your life easier by providing your necessary needs while you are driving by providing your basic needs of luxury and safety with high quality and at the lowest prices.

  AHD front view Camera
 We made parking easier for you, with one touch on the screen, the front view is gonna be more visible removing any worries of the objects ahead. 
 Connect 4G
 Be different in a more beautiful way of luxury by having a technology that allows the screen to receive an Internet connection via a special SIM card without any need for an intermediary phone, it is one of the basic entertainment technologies for the leader.

 You can now create a Wi-Fi hotspot from the screen and connect it to many devices including phones, laptops, tablets and game consoles, the trip with the captain will be full of luxury.

50% discount on tint packages

3 years of HAB service

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