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Hilux 2016 - 2020

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:Screen brand

HAB Hilux



2016 - 2020


Screen Size:

10 inches


Android system:

Android 10



RAM 4 GB, from (Samsung)


Memory 64 GB, from (Toshiba)



Octa-core OCTA CORE T8


Motherboards :

Allwinner R16


touch response:

Very fast and immediate touch response


touch screen:

 OLED technology





Screen brand:

Designed according to IEEE standards in the United States

Without cutting, tuning, or modifying the car cable

To be installed directly (PLUG & PLAY)


Car computer:

All monitor systems and cables are fully compatible with the car computer.



Additional features of the screen:

1- Standby mode / it is possible to turn off the screen lights completely without locking and closing the system (not to disturb the eyes while driving at night).

2- Multilingual / supportive of ArabicEnglish and all different languages.

3- Subwoofer / works to improve the sound of the main agency headphones and increase their performance.

4- Hotspot / An internet connection point can be broadcast to all car passengers from the screen.

5- Launch Control / When the car is turned off for a short period and turned on again, the screen will be in sleep mode and will not be completely closed

6- Screen brightness / screen brightness in the afternoon under the sun's rays

7- Split screen / It is possible to run more than one application on the display screen at the same time, such as YouTube and Google Maps at the same time.

8- IR Technology / This technology allows you to control the screen from any wireless piece such as a mouse or keyboard

 9- Colored buttons / The colors of the screen buttons can be changed to match the color of the car lighting or as wanted

10- Wi-Fi / this technology allows to connect the Internet to the screen via the mobile

11- Bluetooth / This technology allows the mobile device to be linked with the screen

12- Screen mirroring / This technology allows to reflect the mobile screen and show all its information on the car screen



Warranty: two years

(Terms and conditions apply)


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