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Muroor backage (BRAND NEW)

  • 1,810ريال

  • 3,100ريال

Features of the package:

- Safe tint 

 - Compliance with the requirements of traffic regulations 

- protection against UV rays

- Gain advantage of healthy sunlight rays

- Compressed with layers of nitride

- Maintain the proper temperature for the interior components of the vehicle 

- Maintaining general health such as skin and eyes while driving

- protecting car accessories from heat damage

- Reduce the chance of scratches on the glass

Additional accessories:

 Door scratch protector

 Front layer with wax protection


 66 months

 Does not include misuse

 *Offer is valid for a limited time

 *This package is only available in Jeddah

Tags: تظليل - باقة المرور - muroor - traffic - shading - سيارة - عازل - تلميع - حماية - نانو - حرارة - سيراميك - عازل حراري - عرض - منتج جديد - خصم

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