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BATUber package (NEW)

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This package is specially designed to suit the needs of the Uber captain to help him provide fun and luxury while maintaining the required levels of safety that contribute to maintaining the safety and protection of all passengers during the beginning of the journey to its end.

- CarPlay iOS - android auto  

We added your phone to the Hab screen, so the passenger will no longer feel anxious because he will see his destination on the map and will see his right path in front of his eyes and will not notice any traffic violations you commit unintentionally, because he will see your dependence on smart technology, and therefore you will definitely get the perfect captain’s evaluation.

- Dash cam

For a safer trip, your trip is documented, so you don't have to worry, the road, the sound and the scene, but to more details, and even when you need evidence in the event of any violations or bad assessments, they will all be in your hands now.

- YouTube Ads free 

We have contributed to the luxury of your trip by enabling you to raise your level of happiness by watching YouTube videos without ads, and you will not see them hinder your enjoyment of the most beautiful types of music after today.

- Channels subscription 

 In addition to the ability for passengers to watch their favorite satellite channels and series easily during the flight.

- 50% discount on tint packages

- Consumer service 3 years 

* We help you to get the perfect captain title Through intelligent driving in luxury and safet

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