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H Class : TINT-70

  • 3,100ريال

  • 4,750ريال

Welcome to the category of safety, calm and warmth

 The H-Class is a new upgrade that brings comfort to your driving.

Safety dynamic

 Since the invention of shading, we have been able to create unparalleled innovative efficiency – thanks to our continuous research and development of advanced technologies, attention to high safety and security standards, unique quality, and most of all, our harmful ray insulation and heat resistance to maintain the health of its driver.  And that's just what makes innovation a special term for the TINT-70 H Class Hab, our endless pursuit of caring for you along the way in a creative way.

- H Class Concept

  To look beautiful from the outside

  Its charm is irresistible once you look at those details, as it is worn in an innovative black dress that simulates your future.

- From H Class

 To give you a solar window to another world, it's a new generation called TINT-70

 - exterior

 A black sash with a subtle design running the length of solid windows blends luxury, protection, view and beyond, seamlessly paired with irresistible German charm.

 - TINT-70 strength

 A new style and culture for the Germans gives its look and safety an innovative night touch, and in this way the protection proves its strength, individual characteristics that include the strength of resistance and prevention at the same time, and in a direct way give you a warm feeling while driving and a quick cooling of your interior climate, it is evidence by of your interest in everything that is high-end and high-quality

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