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Captain EGO package

  • 390ريال

The Ego package offers a high level of safety while enjoying a unique adventure in every trip, in addition to advanced luxury that gives you a unique driving experience.

 - AHD rear camera

 There is no doubt that it is very basic and useful, as it is very clear and makes the driving style very easy, as it gives you control and safety at the same time.

 - Smart hab Cooling

 It senses the internal temperature of your smart device and works automatically to protect your screen, and you can also intervene to maintain the natural temperature of the processor and improves the lifespan of the internal device for a longer time

 - LED interior lighting

 The design of the advanced hidden LED lights with its multiple lights suits an exceptional new concept inside your car, and your mobile phone can control its behavior by changing through a special application matching the client style , and there is no doubt that your screen from the HAB can also control it, dim lights, high luxury, high-end technology under all the seats of your vehicle.

- 50% discount on tint packages

- Consumer service 3 years 

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