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Dash cam 70mai 4k A800S

  • 1,250ريال

4K UHD shooting

Dash Cam 70mai a800s 4K

 features :

Front camera with clear imaging and high definition 4K UHD (2160 * 3840 pixels)

Rear camera, 1920x1080 resolution (FHD pixels)

The camera comes with a 140° wide lens for a wider field of view in photography

Wi-Fi feature of the camera :

Through it, you can pair the camera directly and use the application to see all the recordings on your mobile directly without the need to remove the memory from the camera, in addition to seeing the GPS data and controlling the camera settings.

The camera records continuously, with previous recordings automatically deleted

Knowing that in the event of an accident, God forbid, the video is secured and not erased.

Stand connection (sold separately) :

The parking link allows the camera to take pictures while the car is off when a car collision or vibration occurs

Installation through the stand-up connection is hidden and not visible.

3D DNR Night Vision Feature :

That gives you high definition night vision and an intelligent algorithm that reduces image noise and adjusts display balance.

3 inch screen :

To view recordings and photography directly from the camera.

GPS built into the camera :

To view and know the previous car tracks with speed and time.

Voice recording feature :

Through this feature, you can read the plate number and refer to it by registering, knowing that this feature can be turned off.

ADAS feature :

Such as radar to assist the road and alert the driver when deviating from the lane or approaching the vehicle in front.

The camera supports a memory size of up to 128 GB (it gives you an hour of recording), knowing that the camera does not work without memory

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