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National Day Offer FORD -13 features - Discount code (293)

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Here is the translation of the features of NATIONAL DAY OFFER :

1- Car's Special Front Hab Screen:

Memory: 64GB (Toshiba) Japanese

RAM: 4GB (Samsung) Korean

Processor: Si, the latest generation

Android System: 10

Motherboard: Voneer R16

Touch Speed: High and fast

Touch Screen: OLED

Display Resolution: Full HD

4K Car Cables: Designed according to the standards of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in the United States, without cutting, tuning, or modification of the car cables. They are installed directly (PLUG & PLAY).

Car Computer: All screen systems and cables are fully compatible with the car's computer.

2- Front Dash Cam DVR + Lane Detection:

Supports automatic video recording after starting the car.

Records in high-definition 1080P for clear details.

Advanced ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) for intelligent driving assistance.

Reminder function: Lane detection, front distance.

Can connect to the hub screen via a USB cable.

Data storage capacity supports 32GB.

Supports trip recording. When the memory card is full, it will automatically overwrite older recordings.

3- Rear Camera (AHD1):

Helps with proper parking in tight spots.

Features warning lines to measure the proximity of objects in 3 colored levels, starting with green for safe, yellow for moderate caution, and red indicating the need to stop immediately when reversing.

This camera utilizes AHD1 technology.

Wide-angle 180-degree field of view, high-definition.

4- Interior LED Lights:

Consists of 4 completely hidden lights with added sound sensors.

It also has a simple storage memory to save the last settings.

LED lights can be controlled via the phone or the hub screen.

5- Wireless Apple CarPlay:

CarPlay is a smarter and safer way to use the iPhone while driving without the need to touch it.

The system helps with music playback, YouTube, and utilizes Siri's suggestions on the hub screens.

You can also run apps and maps sent from WhatsApp.

Easily make and answer calls and listen to voicemail.

Siri can send, read, and reply to text messages for you.

6- Android Auto:

Use essential features of your Android phone through the Android Auto feature.

7- Split-Screen Feature:

Split-screen allows you to use two or more apps simultaneously.

8- Electronic Speedometer:

The speedometer measures and displays the momentary speed of the vehicle.

9- Sleep Mode:

Enjoy safe driving in the dark by turning off the display while the system and screen applications continue to work.

10- 2-Year Screen Warranty

11- Screen Programming for Free

12- 3-Year Hub Service

13- Nano Screen Protection Sticker

14- Extra Credit:

1000 Saudi Riyals (Nano Pro Package) with a validity of 6 months from the purchase invoice date - This service is only available in Jeddah.

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