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HAB Entry plus GMC

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Hab Entry Features:

1. Car's Own Front Hub Screen:

   - Memory: 64GB (Toshiba) Japanese

   - RAM: 4GB (Samsung) Korean

   - Processor: Si, the new generation

   - Android System: 10

   - Motherboard: Winer R16

   - Touch Speed: High and fast

   - Touch Screen: OLED

   - Resolution: Full HD

   - 4K Car Cables: Designed according to the standards of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in the United States, without cutting, tuning, or modifying car cables, they are installed directly (PLUG & PLAY).

   - Car Computer: All screen systems and cables are fully compatible with the car's computer.

2. Interior LED Lights:

   - Consists of 4 completely hidden lights with a sound sensor added.

   - It also has a simple storage memory to save the last settings.

   - Ability to control LED lighting.

3. OBD Fault Detector:

   - A small intermediary that transfers data from the car's computer to the hub screen via Bluetooth.

   - Helps you monitor fuel consumption, coolant temperature, engine oil level, air temperature, engine pressure, air flow, and exhaust output using gearbox oil measurement.

   - Ability to digitally display the car's speedometer without any significant error margin.

   - Its primary function is to check the alarms that appear on the vehicle's dashboard to determine the source and easily cancel alarms.

4. Rear Camera (AHD1):

   - Helps you park correctly in difficult positions.

   - Since it has warning lines to measure the degree of danger of approaching objects on 3 colored levels starting from green (safe), then yellow (medium safety), and finally red (you must immediately stop reversing to avoid collision).

   - This camera is characterized by AHD1 technology.

   - 180-degree field of view from extreme right to extreme left, wide and high definition view.

5. Front Camera AHD:

   - Small-sized, easy-to-use camera with day and night vision.

   - 180-degree viewing angle from extreme right to extreme left.

   - And with the highest definition AHD technology.

   - The front camera is operated by a special application on the hub screen.

   - This camera is installed without cutting or tuning on the front part of the car.

6. Wireless Apple CarPlay:

   - CarPlay is a smarter and safer way to use iPhone while driving without the need to touch it.

   - The system will greatly assist you in playing music, YouTube, and using Siri suggestions on Hab screens.

   - You can also run apps and maps sent from WhatsApp.

   - You will also be able to make and answer calls and listen to voicemail easily.

   - Siri sends, reads, and replies to text messages on your behalf.

7. Android Auto:

   - Use the key features of your Android phone by using the Android Auto feature.

8. Front Dash Cam:

   - Supports automatic video playback after starting the car.

   - Records in high-definition 1080P resolution for clear detail.

   - Advanced ADAS intelligent driving assistance system.

   - Reminder function: lane departure, front distance.

   - The Hab screen can be connected via USB cable.

   - Data storage capacity supports 32GB.

   - Supports trip recording. When the memory card is full, new recordings will automatically replace the oldest ones.

9. 32GB Storage Memory.

10. Bluetooth.

11. Vehicle Tracking Feature:

    - Determines the last location of the car by linking to the phone easily.

12. Split Screen Feature:

    - Splitting the screen is a feature that allows you to use two or more apps at once.

13. Ad-Free YouTube:

    - You can watch YouTube videos without ads and you won't see them interrupting your enjoyment of your favorite music anymore.

14. Off-road Maps:

    - Maps used in rugged areas without the need for internet connection.

15. Electronic Speedometer:

    - The speedometer or speedometer is a gauge that measures and displays the momentary speed of the vehicle.

16. Sleep Mode:

    - Enjoy safe and dim driving by turning off the display screen while the system and screen applications continue to work.

17. Ride-hailing Apps: (Uber, Careem, Jeeny, Aigo, HungerStation, MRSOOL)

hat enables every captain to work without using the phone.

18. Offline Maps:

    - A feature that allows you to navigate through maps without connecting to the network, using satellite.

19. IR Technology:

    - Remote control of the screen without restrictions using wireless devices.

20. Additional Balance:

    1000 Riyals (Nano Pro Package) - Service available only in Jeddah.

21. Screen Protection Sticker.

22. 2-Year Screen Warranty.

23. 3-Month Accessory Warranty.

24. 3-Year Hab Service.

25. Exchange Month.

26. Refund Month (Terms and Conditions Apply).

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