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Economic advantages of HAB:

Front HAB screen for cars:

Memory: 32GB (Toshiba) from Japan.

RAM: 4GB (Samsung) from Korea.

Processor: Si, the entirely new generation.

Android system: 13.

Motherboard: Winor R16.

Touch speed: High and fast.

Touch screen: OLED.

Display resolution: Full HD.

Supports 4K.

Car cables: designed according to the standards of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in the United States, without scratching, tuning or modifying the car cables, they are installed directly (PLUG & PLAY).

*Important note: Installation on agency sockets without tuning or scratching does not mean that there are no risks to the basic car cables. Therefore, all cables provided by HAB are of high quality, withstand electrical voltage between the car and the screen, and protect against the melting of cables due to high heat between them.

Car computer: all screen systems and cables are fully compatible with the car computer.

- Wireless Apple CarPlay:

CarPlay is a smarter and safer way to use the iPhone while driving without the need to touch it.

The system will help you a lot in playing music, YouTube, and using Siri's suggestions on HAB screens.

You can also run WhatsApp applications and maps sent from the application.

You will also be able to make and answer calls and listen to voicemail easily.

Siri sends, reads, and responds to text messages on your behalf.

- Android Auto:

Use the important features of your Android phone by using the Android Auto feature.

- Bluetooth:

Connect your mobile to the screen via Bluetooth.

- Split-screen feature:

The split-screen feature allows you to use two or more applications at the same time.

- YouTube:

You can watch YouTube videos with the most beautiful music types from now on.

- Offline maps:

Maps are used in rough areas without an internet connection.

- Electronic speedometer:

The speedometer is a gauge that measures and displays speed.

- Silent mode:

Enjoy a safe and distraction-free driving experience by closing the display screen while the system and screen applications continue to operate.

- Offline maps:

A feature that allows you to navigate through maps without connecting to the network, through satellite technology.

- 2-year screen warranty:

Terms and conditions apply.

3-year HAB service:

Cach back 600sr (only nano pro package

This service is only available in Jeddah

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