Warranty terms

HAB guarantees the device from any manufacturing defects, under the following conditions:

1- The warranty starts from the date of the purchase invoice written on the original purchase invoice or the customer’s signature on the receipt from the shipping companies.

2 – The warranty period for the screen is two years, including manufacturing defects (except for misuse, touch, and access to extended settings – the first year is comprehensive – the second year is maintenance without spare parts, operating system and repair). In the event that the customer purchases a Jawwy package, the warranty is for one year, unless the customer chooses the Jawwy Pro package or adds the additional year service.

3 – When the device does not work normally or stops working during the warranty, the customer will not pay any fees for service or spare parts in the first year if the defect is technical.

4 – Maintenance will not accept the implementation of the warranty for the customer unless the customer presents the warranty card or invoice with the serial number indicated on it and stamped by the seller.

5 – The warranty does not include transportation costs from the customer’s place to maintenance and from maintenance to the customer’s place.

6 – Wahab’s responsibility is limited to repairing the invalid part, and Wahab is not responsible for transportation costs or risks, or for dismantling and installation, as well as all direct or indirect expenses related to repair.

7 – The warranty does not include damage to the device due to the repair that was carried out by unauthorized workshops.

8 – The warranty is against every technical defect from the factory, and the warranty does not include the following cases:

* Periodic inspection, adjusting the work of the device, general maintenance, changing spare parts consumed due to normal use.

* Damage to the device due to traffic accidents, negligence, modifications, the use of spare parts that are not from Hub, misuse, disassembly or installation error.

* Damage resulting from lightning, water, fire, or by others, or faulty electrical current or poor ventilation, or failure to follow the instructions in the Operation and Maintenance Manual.

* Hap’s liability does not exceed, in maximum cases, 50% of the real value paid for the device in the event of agreement on a special settlement related to indirect damage to the device.

9 – The warranty does not include in any way the accessories added with the screen (the warranty is for the screen product only and does not include misuse such as accessing, tampering with or deleting system files).

10 – The warranty does not include disassembly or installation. The warranty does not include installation outside our certified technicians (Cities that do not have an authorized technician are installed by a screen technician in the customer’s city after approval by HUB)

11 – The period of validity of the return is three days from the date of the invoice, and it is required that it be in the factory condition attached to the original invoice and all screen accessories in its original cover, and in the event that the screen is installed on the car, the return process will not take place in any way, and the customer has no right to request compensation, in the event of return … The freight value is 250 riyals, round trip, and the value of dismantling and installation.,..

The validity period for the replacement is six months from the date of the purchase invoice if the conditions are met.

12 – The warranty period for shading is 66 months, except for misuse

13 – The company has the right to reject the product returned from the customer if it does not meet the aforementioned conditions.

14- Upon receiving the invoice from HAB or receiving the product from the shipping companies, this invoice is considered valid for all terms and conditions.

15 – The installation cost is completely non-refundable in any case.

***Warranty is valid for the first customer only***

I read the terms above

By receiving or signing this invoice or receiving it from the shipping companies, I release my responsibility, whatever it may be, financial or legal, for the Hattan Abdul Rahman Bahwerth Foundation (HAP), and I have no right to any claims or compensation, whatever happens.

Important note

• Please keep the original purchase invoice or receipt in a safe place and present it to Hap when the repair is under warranty.

• The maximum liability incurred by “Hub” should not exceed 50% of the real purchase price of the device itself.

• In any event, the “Hub” shall not be liable for any damages.

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